Building Permits

Progress is inevitable and we want you to feel good about expanding your house or commercial facilities. Please complete this form below to get the process started for your Building Permit.

After you submit this application request, you must come to the city office to pay your application fee, which the City Clerk will calculate for you based on the estimated project cost. You will also need to meet the following requirements:
  • Plans & Plot Diagram: Drawings must be provided when you come in to pay your fee. Show accurate size and location of proposed construction or demolition.
  • Side Yard Setback: Have you observed the 3 feet side yard setback from the eaves to the side of the property line?
  • Approval: Building Permits, including site inspection, must be approved by the City Council prior to the start of construction. Permit applications will only be considered at regular Council meetings. If construction begins prior to permit approval, a penalty equal to 100% of the permit cost will be assessed.
  • Term: Permit is good for one year from Date of Approval.