Council Proceedings, December 15, 2014

Council Proceedings December 15, 2014

The Hospers City Council met in regular session on December 15, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Rouse presiding.  Council members present:  Hulst, Schulz, Solsma, and Hamblin.

Motion made by Schulz, seconded by Hamblin to approve the Minutes of the December 1, 2014, meeting.  Motion carried all ayes.

Motion made by Hamblin, seconded by Solsma to approve the payment of unpaid bills.  Motion carried all ayes.

Payroll 2317.34
Heidi Kramer 100.00
The Hideout 30.00
Carrot-Top Industries 29.82
Fred’s Plmg 2630.29
Neal Chase 48.85
OK One Stop 650.26
Sioux Co. Engineer 333.26
OC Hospital 236.00
Council/Treasurer Payroll 874.77
Payroll 1955.33
Ray Liedke 110.00
USPO 98.00
Hospers Fire Dept. 165.86
Payroll 1446.91
Frank De Jong (CB dep ref) 20.00
Marlene Jungers (CB dep ref) 20.00
ASB (postage) 97.08

Jodi Schwake of PeopleService present.  Review of the report prepared by Jodi.  Discussion regarding certain sewer and water issues within the City.

Motion made by Solsma, seconded by Schulz to approve the November Clerk’s Report and Income Statement.  Motion carried all ayes.

Correspondence from Amy Cervantes of Seneca Companies, Inc. regarding institutional control for the K&G leaking underground storage tanks investigation was reviewed.  The City Council proceeded with having the Mayor sign a letter stating the City of Hospers has a well ordinance not allowing wells to be installed within city limits or within 300’ of a city water line.

Brief discussion regarding the tree dump.

Brief discussion regarding the annual landfill meeting and what individuals on City Council will attend that meeting.

Motion made by Schulz, seconded by Solsma to adjourn at 6:05 p.m.  Motion carried all ayes.