Council Proceedings, February 17, 2014

Council Proceedings February 17, 2014

The Hospers City Council met in regular session on February 17, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Rouse presiding.  Council members present: Hamblin, Solsma. Schulz and Hulst.

City Maintenance, Tyler Evenhuis, and Jodi Schwake of PeopleService present.  Discussed the new meter at PIP.  Discussion regarding frozen water lines as well as hydrant flow.

Motion made by Solsma, seconded by Hulst to approve the Minutes of the February 3, 2014, meeting.  Motion carried all ayes.

Motion made by Hamblin, seconded by Schulz to approve the payment of unpaid bills.  Motion carried all ayes.

Payroll 1727.06
Heidi Kramer 100.00
Kum & Go 22.69
PCC 76.92
JCLO 38.80
Sioux Co Engineer 199.52
Brown Supply Company 70.94
Glenn’s Copier 14.89
NICC 40.00
Wex Bank 58.24
Solsma Brothers 1288.00
Sioux Co Sheriff 19029.50
Jacobsma & Clabaugh 75.00
OK One Stop 392.68
Chit Chat Café 162.64
Payroll 1408.50
Judy Solsma (reimb) 21.71
Ben Franklin 174.19
Wellmark 2783.97
Hospers Fire Dept. 171.09

Motion made by Solsma, seconded by Hulst to approve the January Clerk’s Report and Income Statement.  Motion carried all ayes.

The proposed new ordinances for sewer and water rates were reviewed once again.  City Clerk will proceed with sending them to Attorney Mike Jacobsma for his review and to put in final form.

Review of the 2014-2015 Budget and motion made by Solsma, seconded by Hulst to accept it.  Motion carried all ayes.  Motion made by Schulz, seconded by Hamblin to approve the 2014-2015 Budget public hearing date of March 3, 2014, at 5:15 p.m.  Motion carried all ayes.

Discussion regarding the workers compensation policy for the Fire Department.

Motion made by Hulst, seconded by Solsma to agree for BFS to take care of the Hospers baseball diamond and Memorial Park once again this year.  Motion carried all ayes.  City Clerk will take care of sending in proper paperwork in this regard.

Discussed the swimming pool for the 2014 summer season.  An ad will be run in the Siouxland Press advertising for positions at the pool.

Motion made by Hamblin, seconded by Hulst to adjourn at 7:00 p.m.  Motion carried all ayes.