Council Proceedings, January 20, 2014

Council Proceedings January 20, 2014

The Hospers City Council met in regular session on January 20, 2014, at 5:30 p.m. with Mayor Rouse presiding.  Council members present: Whitmore, Hamblin, Solsma. Schulz and Hulst.

Motion made by Hamblin, seconded by Hulst to approve the Minutes of the January 6, 2014, meeting.  Motion carried all ayes.

Motion made by Schulz, seconded by Hamblin to approve the payment of unpaid bills.  Motion carried all ayes.

Payroll 1548.50
Heidi Kramer 100.00
Neal Chase 93.94
Fareway 68.00
Glenn’s Copier 19.50
PCC 50.95
OK One Stop 958.27
Hospers Sanitation 96.68
IA One Call 14.40
PeopleService 10950.00
Mid American Energy 4326.70
Bomgaars 848.38
AT&T Mobility 62.13
Library Expense 499.00
Payroll 1369.27
Wellmark 2783.97
EMS Payroll 1185.00
ASB (postage) 96.00
Hospers Sanitation 3169.15

Motion made by Whitmore, seconded Schulz to approve the December Clerk’s Report and Income Statement.  Motion carried all ayes.

Jodi Schwake of PeopleService and Tyler Evenhuis present.  Discussion was held regarding putting a “hoop building” over the two clarifiers at the lagoons to keep them from freezing.  Discussion regarding the water leak by the Hospers Elementary School.

Sewer and water rates were discussed once again.  City will be in touch with Attorney Mike Jacobsma to proceed with the revision of the sewer and water ordinances.

Discussion regarding budget figures.

Motion made by Schulz, seconded by Hamblin to adjourn at 6:45 p.m.  Motion carried all ayes.