New Recyclable Toters

We received word from OC Sanitation that the new recycle toters will be delivered to Hospers Thursday, April 23rd.  These new toters will look similar to our green garbage toters, but blue. You can keep the recycle container you have been using (will be blue or yellow) and use it for whatever you’d like whether that be for storage; use it to haul leaves/branches to the tree pile, etc. If you no longer want to keep it, you can put it in your garbage toter and OC Sanitation will dispose of it for you. However, it cannot be put out with your recyclables as it, ironically, is not considered to be recyclable. Keep in mind that the old container can no longer be used on Thursday recycle day. You can only use the new recycle toter.

Remember, recycling is the first and third Thursdays of the month. It is very important to keep your recycling toter at least 3 feet away from your garbage toter so the claw from the garbage truck can pick the toters up without knocking one another over.