Baseball Sign-up Form

(must have completed either 3rd – 6th grade)


PLEASE NOTE: Email will be the main source for us to get a hold of you do to cancellations, time changes, etc. If this means of communication does not work for you, please check the following box:
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This year we plan on trying something new. Due to lack of numbers, Orange City and Hospers plan to combine for the weekend tournaments. We will be playing tournaments in the Dutch uniform and everyone is welcome to play even if you don’t go to MOC/FV. These weekend tournaments are completely optional. The 5th and 6th graders will be in 4 tournaments and the 4th graders will be in 3 tournaments. These tournaments are an additional fee for the 5th and 6th graders.

• 4th Grader – 3 tournaments (Free)
• 5th Grader – 4 tournaments ($30.00)
• 6th Grader – 4 tournaments ($30.00)

I understand that I am responsible for the uniform owned by the City of Hospers, which my son will be using for the 2016 season. I also understand that if the uniform is lost or damaged in any way, I will be responsible for the cost of same. I will return the uniform to the City of Hospers at the end of the ball season. .

Ball Fee: $20
Tournament Fee: $30

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